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Top 5 best CSGO teams in the world

The CS:GO professional scene is filled with vibrant teams, explosive and unique players and armies of staunch fans. But there are a few who stand out from the rest. They change over the years, but what doesn’t change is the fact that these monsters of the CS:GO teams rise to the top to show that their skill, their strategies, and their swagger are the peaks of what CS:GO represents. 

Team liquid

At the moment, rankings for the top 5 teams can vary depending on the opinion of the person that compiles the list. However, at the moment, everyone can agree that Team Liquid is on top of the world. They’re destroying their opposition wherever they go. Their consistency is incredible and their plays are mind-blowing. Taking 3 of their 5 last lans and claiming silver twice, Liquid is a safe bet to be at the top at most tournaments. This international roster brings together some of the best players in CS together. 


Another really dominant team, this Danish behemoth has been at the top for over a year. Also claiming several prizes on their recent lans, the Danish 5 are bringing Astralis back. Although the team name, in general, has been around for years and has done well, the current roster has been dominant since settling in. Magisk coming in to replace Kjaerbye had its downside at first, but once they got the gist of playing with their new young addition, Astralis has been one of the most fearsome opponents one could face and one of the most entertaining for the viewer. 


Due to the rich esports culture there, the Nordic countries provide many amazing players and teams. These 5 Fins back that up. Starting around spring 2018, their meteoric rise was awe inspiring. Their recent achievements include taking the gold in the Blast pro series Madrid and just coming short of gold in the Dreamhack masters Dallas, losing out to Liquid. Allu, Sergej, Aerial, xseven and Aleksib are sure to be a threat to any team facing them and we can guarantee that they will bring a show. 


Faze clan can be an incredibly powerful force to fight against, but they’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster, ever since the current roster came together. That being said, there are some legendary names on this team, including Guardian, Neo, and Olofmeister. These 3 definitely have the experience of playing at the top and their teammates Niko and Rain are no pushover. And if you want to see one of the best snipers bring an AWP to a gunfight, this is the team to watch. 


Newcomers to the halls of the best csgo teams, these 4 Frenchmen and a Brit are a breath of fresh air. They’ve shown amazing progress and have been on a climb to the top ever since Alex came to replace happy. I bet there’s some tension at the breakfast table though.

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