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The 5 CSGO teams with the most trophies

Counter-Strike has been a professional e-sport for a long time. The game in its many iterations has been a pioneer in esports, leading the way for a generation of cyber athletes to make a career out of the game they have passion for and in which they’ve proven to be the best. And CSGO has been the most successful game in that regard. The community has benefited massively from the success of the CSGO phenomenon. But which professional teams have achieved the most success? 

5. Natus Vincere

The born to win tag, or simply Na’Vi aren’t the blue men of Avatar. They’re the beasts representing the Ukranian team and dominating the scene over many years. Currently hosting the best player in the world S1mple, that title was attributed to a few guys from this brand over the years and with reason. They’re consistently playing at the highest level and are consistently proving that they’re able to bring together teams that threaten anyone. 

  • 26 GOLD;
  • 35 SILVER;
  • 27 BRONZE.

4. Virtus.Pro

Just like their Ukrainian counterparts, the Russian team Virtus.Pro has been around for what feels like an eternity. Especially when it comes to competitive gaming. With many impressive rosters playing under the tag over the years, VP has managed to assemble plenty of trophies throughout the history of CSGO.

  • 37 GOLD;
  • 26 SILVER;
  • 32 BRONZE.

3. SK Gaming

A legendary German tag that’s always bringing amazing rosters to the list of the best CSGO pro teams. The Brazilians that have been playing for SK have made a name for themselves and won plenty of trophies for the SK brand. 

  • 25 GOLD;
  • 30 SILVER;
  • 48 BRONZE.

2. Ninjas in Pyjamas

When the CSGO pro scene was just blowing up, the pajamas-wearing Swedish ninjas were unstoppable.  They were winning everything and no one believed that they could be brought down. They did eventually start to have competition and the team is now overshadowed by other squads, but their success is concrete and their stores of precious metals are plenty: 

  • 18 GOLD;
  • 22 SILVER;
  • 62 BRONZE.

1. Fnatic

Just like the other teams on the list, this organization is in the annals of esports history. Many incredible players have worn the jerseys of Fnatic. And although they were all different, diverse, unique, they all had one similarity. They were winners. Fnatic has assembled an incredible amount of trophies. And although they might not be at the help of the current best csgo professional teams, we surely haven’t seen the last of them. 
Over the years, Fnatic placed third in 64 tournaments. That’s a staggering number. Players carrying the Fnatic flag took home Silver in 44 tournaments. And they struck gold an incredible 30 times. Their office must be filled with trinkets of the best kind.

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