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Popular competitions and tournaments in CS:GO

You’re a CS:GO player. You do great stuff in ranked matches and don’t feel it challenging you anymore. Where do you go from there? Where can a young player making a name for himself to be along with the likes of S1mple, Olofmeister and Guardian in the hall of fame? It’s simple really. You need to go where all the players were once. You need to take to the leagues and amateur tournaments of the CS:GO scene that is available out there. 

For many, playing competitive esports isn’t an option. You have a family, a job, a life, but you enjoy playing the odd CS:GO match with friends from time to time and you love to watch the pros show off their skills? There are tournaments which host the best of the best in the world going head to head against each other. 


There are several leagues out there that welcome both solo players and stacks to test their skill with various rewards available for the best. Below are some of the best-known ones. 

  • FACEIT: This league opens up a whole world of possibilities. It lets you complete in a ladder like the one in the CS:GO client itself, but with financial rewards in mind. It lets you track your stats in detail and gives room for growth. There are weekly tournaments running with prizes and there is a strong anti-cheat system in place. 
  • Starladder: Starladder has a tournament like a team league open to any teams willing to go from rags to riches. Starting in the amateur division and with a chance to proceed to star league if you have it in you, this is a path that led many players to fame. The best of the best have a chance to advance and the people interested in the spectacle can find many great matches to observe here. 
  • HLTV: There is a community ran league on HLTV going on in NA and Europe. Players use the forums to find matches and to complete with like-minded individuals or stacks in order to test their limits. 

There are many other less known amateur tournaments and leagues coming up in the scene, like aim to kill, ultimatum and sneaky beaky, among others. A google search will leave you with no shortage of opportunities. 


If you wish to tune into the Olympus of CS:GO, you should never miss the big tournaments going on throughout the year. ESL runs several, such as ESL Katowice in Poland, which had Astralis take home $500,000 in a staggering 2:0 win against ENCE. 

Or perhaps Dreamhack Dallas would have been to your liking, in which ENCE was once again unable to secure first place in a final, this time against team Liquid, who took home an amazing $100,000 in a 2:1 win. 

Whatever your preference, CS:GO has you covered with the scene growing by the day offering players and viewers alike more and more content.

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