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How to bunnyhop in CSGO

First of all, what is bunnyhopping and why do it at all. It’s not cosplaying a fluffy animal and jumping around if that’s what you thought. Basically, it allows the player (you) to exceed the maximum speed which is set out in the game by circumventing the rules. It’s chain jumping in a sort of zig-zag to speed up. Bunnyhopping has been around in games for a long time and CSGO is no exception. 

Why Should You BHOP?

It’s simple. It allows you to move faster.  You can use this infamous technique to make you more evasive to bullets, get into bomb sites with the speed of flash himself and impressing the ladies. Usually, the speed limit in CS:GO is 250 velocity. This can be reached by running with your knife. Unfortunately, Valve implemented a max speed limit in CS:GO of 300, which won’t let you go higher. 

How to bunnyhop?

If you want BHOP the right way, you will need to make sure you have the right tools. I’m not going to give you a list of devices that will help you achieve this, but having a nice mousepad, gaming mouse and a keyboard that doesn’t stick will go a long way. BHOP can technically be done with the spacebar, but that’s not the best idea. There’s a much higher chance of landing your hop chain with greater success by a binding jump to the scroll wheel on your mouse. How? Just click ~ on your keyboard to open the console whilst you’re in CS and type in these 2 commands:

  • bind mwheelup +jump;
  • bind mwheeldown +jump.

What they do is force the movement of your scroll wheel going up and down activate jump rather than spacebar which is the default setting. If you prefer to go with one, just make your pick and add one of the 2 commands. 

Next, you need to learn how to strafe jump. This technique is used to gain momentum without which there will be no BHOP. To Strafe, you just need to be running forward via the “W” key. Scroll your wheel, jump and then release “W”, and go left with “A”. At the same time, move your mouth to the left smoothly. Then, repeat the same to the right, with your “D” key. The smooth motion with your mouse is vital, as being too quick or slow can cause you to lose speed. Consistent smoothness is needed. 

Those are your ingredients, now you just need to mix them and go for it. Note, that once you take off, moving forward with “W” won’t be necessary. The only buttons you’ll be using are “A” and “D”. 

So to sum up, you will need to: 

  1. Whilst moving forward with “W”, jump;
  2. Release “W” when in air and use the strafe jump left;
  3. When you hit the ground, jump to the right;
  4. Start strafing to the right;
  5. Keep going with the strafes.

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