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10 Tips on forming a CS:GO Team

You’re a young promising player. You’ve reached a global elite, are crushing your opposition in games and find it too easy. You want more and are looking for ways to increase the challenge. You go on Twitch and find that other great players are competing in tournaments, making a name for themselves, adored by thousands and feared by other players. So you decide to join them on the world professional counter-strike stage. But how to go about that? How do you gather a team capable of challenging the best? At first glance, you just find 4 more players willing to do the same and go at it. But here are 10 tips that might give you more success. 

The steps: 

  1. Find reliable players. The guys that will be alongside you for the ride must be skilled players, yes. But you need to make sure that your partners will be of the sort that can be trusted not to miss practice or games. 
  2. Find some backup stand-ins. It’s important to have a few players on the bench ready to jump in when one of your primary teammates can’t make it, decides to suddenly leave the team before a game, or plainly forgets. 
  3. Find some tournaments. You didn’t gather your cyber super squad for nothing. Find some tournaments which have open qualifiers. Register and get ready to rise to fame. 
  4. Learn the rules of the tournament. You need to make sure that you know what each tournament’s rules are, as even if you and your newly formed team can beat your opponents in-game, there’s always a chance to be disqualified for breaking some arbitrary rule. 
  5. FInd a leader. You formed this team, but perhaps there’s someone on your roster with more charisma. A person that inspires men to action despite their own desires to do otherwise. Perhaps it is you. Just make sure there’s a shot-caller that will be the undisputed voice of action. 
  6. Practice. Make sure that your newly formed squad has enough practice. Try your best to play against the CS:GO teams that you’ll be facing in tournaments. Make sure that you have an answer to their strategies. And find your own strategy to winning. 
  7. Distribute roles. Make sure that your team has a clear distribution of roles. A primary AWP player, general action jacksons with rifles and a secondary player on the AWP just in case. 
  8. Watch your demos. Look back at your games. Win or loss, you can always find mistakes, improve on things you did well, or find that there was a different path entirely. 
  9. Watch professionals. Take a look at the current pro scene. Watch the best tournaments, the best teams, and players. You can always find a lot to learn from the best players on the scene. Don’t waste that opportunity. 
  10. Maintain morale. This might be one of the most important things. Make sure that your losses do not destroy your team. Find a way to motivate your teammates to always move forward. Keep them focused on the ultimate goal of improving and becoming the best.

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